Homeless Philosopher stays warm in his burrow, and more


By Max R. Weller

A cyclist rides down Iris Avenue in Boulder on Wednesday.

A cyclist rides down Iris Avenue in Boulder on Wednesday. (Cliff Grassmick / Staff photographer)

Daily Camera report: Boulder sees 5.1 inches of snow overnight as temperatures continue to drop. Indeed, the layer of snow kept me warm, although folks with even a hint of claustrophobia wouldn’t like the weight pressing them down. Strangely, I saw more traffic on the snow-covered streets as I rode the SKIP bus down to King Soopers on Table Mesa this morning than usual. I doubt it’s an illusion because everyone was driving slower as they should be; more likely it’s yet another example of the brilliance to be seen in all facets of life in America’s Smartest City. Hey, let’s drive in the snow! (Sarcasm.) I swear, people in Honolulu could cope better in a snowstorm than most Boulderites . . .

The DC today is also reporting the death, a probable suicide, of a prominent former CU football player. We frequently read about suicide in this part of the country, because it’s something occurring at a higher rate here than most in most other regions.

See Marijuana Legalization In Colorado: How Recreational Weed Is Attracting People, But Spiking The State’s Homeless Rate [PART ONE] from the International Business Times. Continuing the story: Pot Brings Poor People To Colorado, But What’s Being Done To Help Them? [PART TWO]. Why “help” them beyond providing a bus ticket back home and a sack lunch to-go? Really — isn’t it time we started what I’ll call Zero Sum Compassion? Every penny that nonprofits spend on transients should be justified, with first priority always going to local homeless men, women, and children.


Devin Butts smoking a joint at soup kitchen in Pueblo, CO — a common sight at the nonprofits in Boulder, as well. 

That’s all for today, except for thanking my friend from Longmont for the pair of sleeping bags she gave me yesterday — along with two McDonald’s double cheeseburgers and a large order of french fries. The food was cold by the time I’d rearranged my campsite to take advantage of more gear, but it was still DELICIOUS.


Health food for the common man.


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