A visit to Boulder, CO’s Main Library, 1001 Arapahoe


By Max R. Weller

I have to say that it seems MUCH quieter here now; I haven’t been to the Main Library in many, many moons. Perhaps the fenced-off grassy areas outside, which recently forced the worst-behaved transients to go elsewhere while Civic Area Improvements are underway, have something to do with this.


Civic Area along Boulder Creek, a.k.a. Central Park, and formerly Boulder’s Red Light District well over a century ago.

I’d be curious to know when this photo was taken, as I’ve never seen the place this deserted in any of my visits over the years since 2008, until today with access restricted. See this pic of the Peace Garden taken in April, 2014:


You’ll have to imagine the cloud of marijuana smoke, but it was in fact there.

We can all hope that the first Arctic blast of this winter season will succeed in driving the BUMS to warmer climes. But, local do-gooders will continue ENABLING as many as they can until we wise up and send them packing along with their unwashed clientele.

(As I finished the paragraph above, a homeless guy reeking of weed sat down at the computer across from me on the 2nd Floor; this is more like it, LOL!)

Addendum: While eating in a booth on the 1st Floor, I observed the interaction between a BPL private security officer and a sleeping transient in the next booth. The officer first asked him if he was okay (a harmless way to wake somebody up). When the officer returned on another round of the premises and the lazy lout was STILL asleep, he was directed to leave the library, being told, “You’ve got no business sleeping here — you know that.” BUM then left without argument.

Me? I’d have used a billy club on his noggin the first time. (Just kidding.)


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