Challenging weather on the way, and more


By Max R. Weller

See the National Weather Service forecast for Boulder, CO 80304. I believe I have enough gear to stay warm next week, but another sleeping bag I could place underneath the one I’m using would be greatly appreciated.

Most of the homeless people I’m seeing in Boulder Shelter for the Homeless every morning are from outside of Boulder County, CO and many of them from other states altogether. It’s ridiculous! They’re only here for so-called legal marijuana, and because our local do-gooders ENABLE them with free food, free shoes and winter clothing, free camping gear, free shelter, etc.


The undeniable facts are these: 1) Marijuana is available just as readily in the states and cities where these bums come from; and 2) It’s cheaper there than here in Boulder, where the cannabis industry has jacked up the prices to take advantage of tourists and transients alike.

“Marijuana makes people stupid,” as Mitt Romney has said, and the proof can be found by observing the chronic stoners in Boulder’s homeless population. Weed’s long-term effects on your brain are just like those of alcohol.

If current #1 Alabama plays #4 Washington, you’ll see how truly weak the Pac-12 is; when’s the last time a West Coast team was in contention for the National Championship in college football, anyway? See CU Buffs fall to Washington in Pac-12 title game in the Daily Camera. 

Be back soon . . .


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