Thanksgiving weekend ups and downs


By Max R. Weller

Wednesday, 11/23/2016: Nobody was on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, so I took advantage of it to make a total of $103 from generous passersby in two hours there. First Hundred Dollar Day I’ve had in years, because I haven’t been panhandling on holidays recently.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day: A friend from the Dakota Ridge neighborhood brought me a homemade dinner consisting of bacon-wrapped roast turkey (the most tender and juicy I’ve ever had, and the flavors remained distinct — as with a turkey and bacon club sandwich), whipped sweet potatoes seasoned with garlic and herbs, stuffing, a couple of chocolate chip cookies, and a bottle of sparkling mineral water. I forgot all about making my own Spam or head cheese sandwiches.

Friday, 11/25: One of my friends from Longmont brought me three big jars of instant coffee; I kept the two Maxwell House brand and gave the Folgers to Vietnam vet John, who shares the general area where I camp overnight. I was very happy that afternoon . . .

By 10PM, I was in such severe pain from what I was 90% certain was a kidney stone on my right side (but it’s wise to have a CT scan to rule out a hot appendix), that I walked from my campsite over to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to ask them to call the paramedics. They did so, but initially refused to let me wait inside for the ambulance to arrive. I guess my complaint to the staff member about nausea and diarrhea made him decide to let me in long enough to use the staff restroom at the front.

When I walked out to talk to the paramedics, the male told me, “If it’s a kidney stone, the ER can’t do anything for it.” WHAT A DAMNED FOOL! I first went through this over ten years ago in Kansas City, MO so I knew the ER doctors and nurses could do a lot. Besides a CT scan which determined the stone was small enough to pass on its own (and there was no problem with my appendix), I received a shot of morphine and another pain medication about an hour later, two bags of fluid intravenously, and a couple of prescriptions (not going to have them filled) and a referral to a urologist (not going to make an appointment). Apparently, the situation resolved itself the following day (although I didn’t pee through a strainer and bottle any debris in a specimen jar they provided). Everything seems fine now. and it was the ER doctor’s decision to give me painkillers because the agony had my blood pressure around 210 / 190, which is dangerously high. The doctor laughed out loud when I told her what that male paramedic had said . . .

Saturday, 11/26: The corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 continued to be swarmed by redneck transient stoners, two from Tennessee and two more from Indiana. What little money they get goes immediately for cigarettes and marijuana, and they can’t even feed themselves (they turned down the FREE Thanksgiving Day dinners at several locations in Boulder, preferring to stay stoned without interruption — so much for the myth of marijuana giving you the “munchies”). Having made enough cash three days earlier, I took it easy sitting on the wall in front of the nearby Mexican restaurant.

Sunday, 11/27: More or less a repeat of Saturday, except for the Daily Camera publishing my commentary: ‘Rose-colored glasses on homelessness don’t help.’

Honestly, folks, DON’T GIVE CASH TO THESE CANNABIS ADDICTS! They’re nothing but a waste of good oxygen.

Monday, 11/28: Feeling much better today. Found a bag of my favorite chips at King Soopers for just $2:


Be back soon!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving weekend ups and downs

  1. John Spitzer

    Max — Would you be able to serve on a committee with Attention Homes to discuss operating procedures at 1440 Pine St. Homeless Transition Shelter? Let me know asap. Meetings about once a month.
    John Spitzer 303 345 4004

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      It would only appeal to me IF I believed that reasonable opinions would make any difference whatsoever to the powers-that-be . . . After years of fighting a losing war in this regard, I’ll stick to my occasional 2 cents on my blog or in the Daily Camera. Thanks for asking, however.

      BTW, I rode the SKIP bus from Front Range & N. Broadway this morning, packed full of transients from outside of Boulder County, CO and many from outside of Colorado altogether. This is what our local do-gooders in the homeless shelter / services industry want!


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