‘Era ends: Downtown Boulder haven for homeless programs closes after 10 years’


By Max R. Weller

Ian Johnson, left, Jason Evans and Kyle Anderson enjoy a meal and warm temperatures in the Carriage House day shelter Friday run by Bridge House.

Ian Johnson, left, Jason Evans and Kyle Anderson enjoy a meal and warm temperatures in the Carriage House day shelter Friday run by Bridge House. (Paul Aiken / Staff Photographer)

Had I written this photo’s caption, it would have read: Able-bodied transients from outside Boulder County, CO sit around drinking coffee and stuffing their faces for free. (In fact, they also have free coffee at Labor Ready and other temporary employment agencies here, but the expectation is that you’d be looking for work.)

In any case, here’s the link to the Daily Camera article. Excerpt follows:

The small downtown space that for the past 10 years has been the Boulder homeless community’s primary daytime source for shelter and food will close this week.

Five different Boulder churches have agreed to rotate as hosts of day programming for the homeless through April, as the city continues work to have a more permanent solution in place by next year.

The space soon to close — Friday will be its final day — sits in the carriage house of First Congregational Church, at Broadway and Pine Street. Boulder service provider Bridge House put $150,000 toward renovations of the carriage house in 2006, in exchange for a decade of free rent.

The lease expired last month, and Bridge House declined an offered five-year renewal, which would have required the organization to pay for the space for the first time.

What would you expect from Isabel McDevitt? She feels ENTITLED to a new lease with free rent. Great example you’re setting for your clients there, Isabel:


In related news about homelessness in the Boulder Bubble, I’ve learned from several sources that Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO) no longer provides mats to place on the floor of the various churches and a synagogue which rotate as hosts for the homeless. Only a single blanket is provided to each overnight guest. This shocked me, because in the past couple of years BOHO has begun to receive tens-of-thousands of taxpayer dollars from the City of Boulder . . . Where in blazes is the money going? I understand that a portion of it is for staff salaries, but they only earn a pittance. Below is a photo of an Emergency Warming Center location as it used to be:


I’ve NEVER stayed at BOHO and I never will, either. They also serve as a magnet for the worst-behaved transients who flock to Boulder, CO.

Have a good day; I’ll be back soon.


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