Shame, shame on Boulder!


By Max R. Weller

Here are two recent stories from the Daily Camera which illustrate why many people consider the City of Boulder and Boulder County to be so very, very phony:

Packed Boulder crowd hears from anonymous panel of Trump voters.

On Wednesday at the Integral Center for yoga, meditation and relational practice, a standing-room-only crowd gathered to listen and learn from what, in Boulder, is a rarely seen and mysterious character: a Donald Trump voter.

So risky and courageous is it to speak publicly in this city as a Trump supporter that the panelists asked to remain anonymous, and event organizers insisted none of the more than 100 seated in the room photograph or record anything during the 90-minute forum.

The panelists, all in early-to-middle adulthood, were a diverse bunch: a white man raised in central Africa who moved to the area recently; a gay black man adopted by white parents, who now lives in the foothills; a white woman who’s been obsessed with presidential politics since a stint on the high school debate team long ago; a part-Native American woman raised in the Rust Belt and deeply involved in the pro-life movement; and a white man who, since 2000 alone, has voted in presidential races for Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarik, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump.

Men who started Cold Springs Fire sentenced to work release, probation. Excerpt follows:

The two men who started the Cold Springs Fire near Nederland were both sentenced today to work release and probation after pleading guilty to felony arson.

Jimmy Andrew Suggs, 28, and Zackary Ryan Kuykendall, 26, were sentenced to two years of work release to be followed by four years of probation by Boulder District Judge Ingrid Bakke on Friday morning. The two men will also have to pay restitution, which prosecutors estimated will be upwards of $1.25 million.

Bakke said she acknowledged the two men never intended to start the fire, but said there still needed to be some consequences for their actions.

“How does the criminal justice system react to this type of a case, where I’m absolutely convinced there was no malice?” Bakke said. “This was a mistake. But I can’t ignore that it’s felony behavior despite the fact there was no intent whatsoever to cause this type of damage.”

Hillary supporters are bullies? Alabama transient firebugs get slapped on the wrist? That’s how it goes here in the Boulder Bubble, folks.


(Actually, the Homeless Philosopher plans to dine on wonderful Spam sandwiches.) 


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