Boulder Froot Loops protesting again, and more


By Max R. Weller


I may have seen these two at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless one morning recently, but it doesn’t look as if they took advantage of free showers, free soap, free shampoo, etc.

See: Dakota Pipeline protest fuels activists’ passions in downtown Boulder from the Daily Camera. Excerpt copied below:

The Dakota Access Pipeline protest came to Boulder on Tuesday as more than 200 activists rallied in sympathy with protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, with a man and woman locking themselves to the entrance of the Wells Fargo Bank on the Pearl Street Mall . . .

After about 30 minutes of speeches and songs on the lawn in front of the Boulder County Courthouse, roughly 75 of the demonstrators made their way to the nearby Wells Fargo branch at 1242 Pearl St.

Two, identifying themselves as Denise Luttrell and George Ridgik, of Jamestown, used U-locks to bolt themselves to the front entrance of the bank, while others called for people to close their accounts with Wells Fargo. That bank, and others, have loaned money to the Dakota Access project, which would run from North Dakota to Illinois . . .

While Luttrell and Ridgik were bolted to the door, a dozen more activists sat shoulder to shoulder across the bank entrance, at times linking arms with one another.

Despite Luttrell and Ridgik being bolted to the entrance, and the phalanx of protesters arrayed in front of them, bank business continued. Customers came and went through a second entrance at the southwest corner of the bank, off the mall.

Wells Fargo client Richard Hart, of Boulder, voiced mixed feelings about what was going on out front as he walked out the secondary doors, having conducted his business at the bank.

“I’m a proponent of their cause, of their statement. But, I had to make a deposit to cover my company’s payroll — $92,000. I can’t not put the money in the bank,” Hart said.

“It’s inconvenient, but so what?” he said of being forced to use an alternate entrance. “I’m as pro-Indian issues as anybody. But … I can’t work with that.”

Luttrell and Ridgik were cut loose from the bank’s main entrance shortly before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, when bank maintenance staff removed the inner door handles to which they were secured.

“There was a fire code violation of safety, and the bank did not want to be responsible for the liability to them, if something happened to people,” Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said. NO ARRESTS WERE MADE. (Emphasis is mine.)

It must be very frustrating to attempt to incite a police response and FAIL. Is it “police brutality” to more or less ignore these protesting Froot Loops? Some self-styled advocates may think so:


I’ve almost run out of instant coffee; the huge jar of Maxwell House I got from a friend last October 7th is down to only a couple of days’ worth, and unfortunately this brand isn’t available at King Soopers on Table Mesa where I shop. I understand that Walmart carries it, however. (Hint.)

I had to run off one of the 1175 Lee Hill panhandlers from the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday, so I could take my usual turn during the noon hour. She was not happy about having to return to her $250,000+ Housing First apartment without liquor money from passersby, either. TOO BAD! Another HF BUM who was kicked out the other day was raising hell near my campsite overnight — so I hope there will be snow and cold temps to drive them away soon. (Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow is now open nightly, operating in their network of churches and a synagogue.)

I’m at George Reynolds Branch Library this morning, and I still haven’t returned to Norlin Library on the CU campus. I just feel bad vibes from the latter, after collapsing there last April while walking across Norlin Quad. Silly, I know . . .

I may be back tomorrow, depending on how I feel with this lingering case of Boulder Shelter Crud.


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