Housing First residents leave $250,000+ apartments to panhandle for liquor money, and more


By Max R. Weller

In the five weeks or so since I returned to my old neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36, I’ve observed no fewer than seven clients of Housing First at 1175 Lee Hill — the $8M project with just 31 apartments right next to Boulder Shelter for [Transients and Sex Offenders] at 4869 N. Broadway — panhandling on the corner as if they were homeless people in real need of cash to purchase life’s necessities; you know, food, clothes, camping gear, bus fare, etc. Every penny you give to these pampered HF BUMS goes to rotgut vodka, beer, cigarettes, and marijuana. This is why I’ve been “flying” this sign the past few days:


It’s been very well-received, and I’m grateful for all the other kinds of support (besides money) I’ve gotten from old friends in the area. This past few months has been difficult for me, both physically and emotionally, and I struggle every day not to give up and become a Housing First-eligible alcoholic myself.


(At the time I created this meme, I’d underestimated the cost of each unit; thus the corrected figure in the title of this post.)

I call it Trump Anxiety Disorder, and I suffered from it to some degree myself before realizing that none of this blowhard’s crazy ideas that would legally require an Act of Congress will ever come to pass. Apparently, Trump himself has quietly abandoned The Wall, The Mass Deportations, The Blanket Ban on Muslims Entering the U.S., and Arresting Hillary Clinton . . . He sounds more like an establishment Republican every day — ROTFL! How do you supporters of the President-elect feel about your hero now? Me, I’m greatly relieved. BTW, I posted this on Facebook the day before the election:

I don’t want to hear a single gripe from anyone who voted for The Donald after Hillary is elected POTUS tomorrow.

YOU Trumpistas are responsible for putting another Clinton into the White House by your unbelievably misguided support of the fake Republican. Any real Republican would have defeated her easily. IT’S YOUR DAMN FAULT!!

An edit is obviously in order, and here it is:

I don’t want to hear a single gripe from anyone who voted for Hillary now that Donald Trump has been elected POTUS.

YOU Clintonistas are responsible for putting a foul-mouthed idiot into the White House by your unbelievably misguided support of the weakest Democratic candidate since McGovern in ’72. Any other Democrat would have defeated him easily. IT’S YOUR DAMN FAULT!!

See: Hitler finds out Donald Trump has won the presidential election.


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