One-month update


By Max R. Weller

After only a month of visiting Boulder Shelter for the Homeless every morning to shower and get hot water for my own coffee of the instant variety, I’ve had one bout of ringworm (cured by daily applications of anti-fungal cream for a week) and now I have a really bad cold. In addition, I’m suffering a lack of sleep because the warm weather has enabled the noisy bums to continue partying near my campsite every night (usually they wake me up around 2 or 3AM).

There were no fewer than five new travelers outside of BSH this morning, all of ’em from the Deep South . . . WHY WOULD ANYONE WHO IS HOMELESS MIGRATE TO COLORADO WITH WINTER COMING ON? The only explanation is so-called legal weed to be had here, even though it costs more than what they were buying on any street corner back home. Mitt Romney is right when he declares, “Marijuana makes people stupid!”

This morning, the SKIP bus driver stomped down on the gas pedal as we were pulling away from King Soopers on Table Mesa, and I fell. Luckily, I have only a blood blister on my right middle finger (insert joke here) and skin scraped from my right wrist; it could have been much worse. He was very apologetic when we arrived back at N. Broadway & Front Range — the end of the line, next to BSH — and gave me an All Day Pass worth $5.20 which I won’t be using, but his sincere regret has led me to decide to NOT report the incident.

Everything considered, I’m feeling like an old, discarded pair of shoes:


And I have plenty of company, it seems.

Chicago Tribune endorses Libertarian Gary Johnson. Well, maybe in 2020 . . .


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