If you’re a believer, please pray for snow and below-freezing temps ASAP


By Max R. Weller

I’m asking for the help of believers in seeking Divine Intervention to help drive the bums away from my campsite in north Boulder. I’m tired of having my sleep and quiet contemplation disturbed by their talking, laughing, hacking and coughing, smoking, etc. Last night, it continued until a brief rain shower made them seek cover underneath their camping gear — some of which used to be mine, before I went to the hospital and nursing home last Spring and had to abandon it.

Really bad weather, with perhaps a foot or more of snow and daytime temps in the teens will make these worthless, pickled idjits seek cover at Boulder Public Library*, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, BOHO, and other indoor sites catering to miscreants.

Thanks for your help!

*I’m sorry, but anyone who believes this Fairy Tale needs to grow up and leave Story Time to the little kids . . . It doesn’t even fit with much that my friends who work at BPL have said to me in strictest confidence over the past few years. NO DOUBT, there are more visitors, but NOT the kind we’d call desirable:



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