WTF? Does this new staff at Boulder Shelter know anything at all?


By Max R. Weller

It was last Friday morning, 10/21/2016, when the morning opening of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless was delayed by more than 45 minutes because one staff member failed to show up for work. So what, you ask? Well, it’s an idiotic rule that “x” number of staff have to be on duty before any more homeless people can be permitted to enter the facility at 6AM to shower, drink coffee, eat breakfast, etc.

Now, bear in mind that the halfwits they have working there this season allowed more than 30 of us who were waiting to get in to enter the courtyard area, where they served coffee to those who wanted it. That required the full attention of two staff members — so in effect BSH was three people short at that point, and almost all of the troublemakers who need watching are in the program or staying as guests in the emergency dorms.

Somebody — probably a hipster with a degree in sociology and no firsthand experience as a homeless person — has written a thick notebook of rules for BSH. These are remarkable for being devoid of common sense, as in this case.

To make matters worse last Friday morning, a guy with a history of seizures had another one while we were waiting; typically, he doesn’t want to go to the ER when this happens, but staff overreacted and called 9-1-1 anyway. Seizure Guy declined to be transported in the ambulance. Staff freaked out, and called the Boulder police.

By this time, we’d finally made it inside, so I observed the police interaction with Seizure Guy at close range. It was obvious they knew they had no authority whatsoever to force him to accept any medical treatment (in the absence of a court order), but SG became verbally aggressive with them and they physically restrained him as the paramedics returned. All of these authority figures managed to convince him to let himself be strapped onto the gurney and taken for another pointless and very costly ambulance ride.

It was all a farce, and I blame BSH staff who are as dumb as fence posts, along with Greg Harms, Michael Block, and other higher-ups who are ultimately responsible for unworkable “rules” and for hiring the yahoos who can’t keep their cool.

I promised these characters I’d write about them, and I also told them I hoped they would enjoy reading about themselves.

True, in the past I’ve been supportive of those folks who are doing the grunt work at Boulder Shelter because I know from my own employment history that it can be challenging as well as frustrating. The clowns there now deserve no such consideration, in my view.

BTW, it’s my understanding that former staff members from 4869 N. Broadway have moved over to fill positions at 1175 Lee Hill right next door, where their talents are being wasted as they babysit the end-stage alcoholics who are determined to finish drinking themselves to death in their new $250,000+ apartments.



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