My personal Independence Day is tomorrow, 10/7/2016!


By Max R. Weller

An entire summer — over five months, in fact — wasted; most of it while I’ve been getting a close-up view of Hell in Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center. If you still retain most of your wits and wind up here you’ll find yourself anxious and depressed by turns, and starting to envy those residents completely in the grip of dementia, and living in their own little worlds far away from this dump.

As I’ve said before, the RNs, CNAs, Housekeepers, and Kitchen Workers all do an excellent job in coping with being chronically overworked and underpaid. It’s the greedy corporate owners raking in $7,000+ per month per patient — and in some cases $11,000+ per month per patient — who deliberately hire too few staffers to offer the level of service you might expect for the cost. As to the Social Workers and assorted other paper-pushers here, they’re just as worthless as those to be found anywhere else. No shortage of them, because they’re the ones who bring in the Big Bucks . . .

One of these social work cretins wanted to refer me to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless as a “safe place to be discharged to” as she put it. This is the same arrogant idjit who used my so-called care conference back on 9/1 to offer her own negative reactions to what I’ve blogged about [Dickens] Manor, and is most likely the person who made the decision to take away residents’ one and only computer for Internet access in retaliation. I expect that computer will reappear the day after I leave; obviously, its absence didn’t shut me up at all because Meadows Branch Library is within walking distance, and that exercise every day has done me good.

This song by Little Jimmy Dickens is for her.

I’m ready to sleep soundly at night again, hearing only the owls and coyotes and the soft hum of traffic nearby (but not too near). Far more restful than being jolted out of slumber by mentally ill residents with bad attitudes yelling and crying in the hallways at all hours.


Bubo virginianus

My friends are helping me move back to my campsite tomorrow morning, so it may be a while before I return to this blog.

Wish me luck!


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