Max’s Journal 10/3/2016


By Max R. Weller

As I walked into the Meadows Branch Library at 9AM, I noticed the Campsite Crapper, a former candidate for Boulder City Council in 2011 sponsored by Carriage House / Bridge House and its clueless do-gooder leadership at that time, walking right behind me. You may recall that he dropped out of that race, claiming that one of his legs was going to be amputated. Guess what? He STILL has both legs and gets along much better than me, bless his heart . . . I’ve already deleted a couple of asinine anonymous comments to my blog in the past half-hour (just put two and two together) but I can always use a chuckle as long as I’m stuck in Boulder Manor.


“I live in a tree in south Boulder,” the candidate claimed in 2011.

Speaking of this co-called nursing home, understaffing continues to cause NEGLECT of patients, and I’ll offer my roommate as an example. He was recovering from a stroke which paralyzed his right side and left him with a significant speech deficit, but he’s now going downhill, and seems content to do nothing but consume morphine and lie in bed looking at his Kindle. There’s a chart on the wall for CNAs and Physical Therapists to use in recording their interaction with Roommate, and at the top it has words to this effect:



Well, the fact is that nobody has gotten him up since Friday evening, when they finally gave him a long-overdue (assisted) shower, after his wife / girlfriend had told him for several days, “_____, you smell!”

Roommate, despite his lack of vocabulary, is very skilled at lying to his woman and leads her to believe that he is getting up during the day when she’s at work. What’s really sad is that he could make great strides in regaining both mobility and speech if only he’d WORK WITH STAFF EVERY DAY. Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center is likely receiving $11,000 per month for his “care” such as it is, so there is no good reason not to have enough RNs, CNAs, and Physical Therapists to meet the patient caseload.

I feel as though I should have a frank discussion with Roommate’s woman before I leave this coming Friday.

[WhodunitCare] in Colorado is a travesty of health care.

I’m set to get all of the camping gear I’ll need for my return to outdoor life, courtesy of my friends. It’s good that my GoFundMe effort for a laptop computer gained only $10, because at the time I started it I thought I’d be in [Dickens] Manor permanently, more or less. I’m glad to be leaving, and even gladder that I’ve helped to expose the greedy corporate owners of this grossly overpriced dumping ground.

BTW, I understand that a homeless woman sneaked into this facility on Friday night . . . Apparently, someone taking a doctor-approved night away from [Dickens] Manor let her in, and the trespasser slept until morning before being discovered by staff. This could just as easily have been a violent transient, and vulnerable patients might have been robbed, raped, or stabbed. There is no security guard on duty, NOT EVER.

Country-fried steak with cream gravy for lunch today — and the food is good at this otherwise sketchy nursing home . . . Please remember that the overworked and underpaid staff is NOT to be blamed for the problems here; these FAILURES are entirely on the corporate owners, who in my opinion should be investigated and then indicted by a Grand Jury.


Patients are Cash Cows. 


2 thoughts on “Max’s Journal 10/3/2016

  1. Roger Opperman

    Hey Max … I was going to drop off that sleeping bag today, but didn’t realize that Boulder Manor closes at 6. I’ll try again tomorrow between 12:30 and 1. I’ve also got a couple of Army wool blankets you might be able to use.

  2. homelessphilosopher Post author

    You know, I had no idea that Boulder Manor closed at any time — you’d never know it from the number of street visitors here at all hours.

    Thanks so much! Room 703A, and you should ask for directions when you get inside.


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