Darren O’Connor of Boulder Rights Watch is full of crap


By Max R. Weller

Read the non-story in the Daily Camera, Black man to Boulder police: ‘That’s like racial profiling’, and feel free to scratch your head like I did. Excerpt copied below:

Boulder police say a black man videotaped by a bystander during an interaction with a sergeant at a bar on Sept. 11 was satisfied with an explanation provided to him, but the man doesn’t like the way the situation was handled.

Nalimaakono Lomujalamoi said he was playing darts with friends at the Outback Saloon when he was asked to step outside by Sgt. Brannon Winn, who was looking for a suspect who reportedly groped an employee at the bar the day before.

In the video, which has been posted on Youtube, Winn walks outside with Lomujalamoi and asks someone off camera, “yes or no,” then tells Lomujalamoi, “You are good to go. Go back inside. We’ve got the wrong guy. Thank you. That’s it.”

Lomujalamoi and Winn have a brief verbal exchange, during which Winn tells Lomujalamoi that police had been “looking for a black guy in a gray shirt” and tells him that he is free to go. Lomujalamoi eventually says, “that’s like racial profiling.”

Winn hands Lomujalamoi a business card upon request after he says that he wants to file a complaint.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said that Lomujalamoi came and spoke with the department’s internal affairs sergeant and was happy with the explanation given to him.

“He was happy with the resolution after he came in and spoke to us,” Cordingly said. “I’m not sure what has changed. But that was our last contact with him.”

She said police had received a report of a sexual assault along with a description of a suspect that “completely matched” that of Lomujalamoi . . .

Darren O’Connor, of Boulder Rights Watch, shot the video and said that Lomujalamoi’s experience is why Boulder needs an independent citizen’s review panel, because only officers accused of more serious infractions will be subject to the professional standards review panel.

What would have been the point of questioning a white guy wearing an orange shirt? I think Mr. O’Connor — who is a White Guy — must have been three sheets to the wind to find anything whatsoever inappropriate here. Not only that, but it’s obvious that Mr. Lomujalamoi, the black man who was briefly inconvenienced because he unfortunately matched a suspect description, is well able to address his own concerns without the condescending VIDEO DRAMA added by O’Connor.

I had occasion a few years ago to make a formal complaint to the Professional Standards Unit of Boulder PD, in regard to what I considered wrongdoing by Officer Sam Carter — who later left the department because of the Mapleton Elk Scandal. In my case, I received an apology and an explanation of how things would be changed from the Sergeant in charge, and I was completely satisfied.

Sober up, Darren! You’re perpetuating the negative stereotype of drunken Irishmen:



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