Boulder Manor’s greedy corporate owners MUST be investigated by a Grand Jury

NOTE: I’m scheduled to be discharged from Boulder Manor in two weeks, but I’ll leave sooner if possible and be overjoyed to do so!


(1 TIMOTHY 6:10 NIV)

By Max R. Weller

This morning, as I was sitting in the dining waiting for kitchen workers to arrive at 6AM, I saw a schizophrenic patient who has refused to take his prescribed Risperdal aimlessly walking around and talking loudly to someone who wasn’t really there; then, after I’d gotten my hot water for instant coffee (with caffeine) and returned to the area by the Nurse’s Station on my hall to wait for my room service breakfast tray, another mentally ill patient came roaming by, destination and purpose unknown, dressed in a hospital-style gown untied in back and otherwise wearing only an adult diaper; then the typical chorus of patients crying out “Help, help, help . . .” started up for the day; then one old guy apparently suffering Wet Brain began wheeling himself all over looking for his keys and wallet (the other day he was searching for the wife he hasn’t been with in years); and on and on. As always at Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center, there were less than half the number of CNAs and RNs needed to deal promptly and effectively with residents’ needs, which can be urgent sometimes. I overheard one RN state that she was responsible for 105 patients this morning — nearly all of whom needed their scheduled meds — because another nurse had car trouble on the way to work. CNAs have stated that they each routinely care for 40+ patients on a typical shift, patients who are very needy and demanding. Frankly, I think the “Licensed Staff Hours per Resident per Day” stats in the preceding link have been significantly overstated.

It’s NOT for lack of money coming into corporate coffers from both private insurers and the taxpayers that this facility is deliberately understaffed; they make $7,000 per month for my “care” alone, and $11,000+ per month for other residents requiring a higher level of care.

There isn’t even a receptionist to answer the numerous phone calls placed to this facility by concerned family members and friends. Of more concern, there aren’t security officers on duty, and clearly crime against vulnerable residents is a major issue.

So you see, folks, I’m not just being a Smart Ass when I post this meme:


Bureaucratic oversight has failed here . . . Thus, I believe Boulder County DA Stan Garnett should call for a Grand Jury to investigate possible criminal wrongdoing by the corporate owners and certain individuals in administration at Boulder Manor.


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