Teenage POS predator who attacked elderly woman on the loose


By Max R. Weller


16-year-old Jeffrey Collins (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

See: ‘Dangerous’ teen sought as elderly Lefthand Canyon attack victim ‘doing a lot better’ in the Daily Camera. Excerpt copied below:

The 71-year-old woman who authorities say was brutally attacked by a teenage hitchhiker at her Lefthand Canyon home this weekremained in serious condition at Boulder Community Health on Wednesday — but her son says she’s beginning to recover.

“She is doing good,” Kurtis Leverentz said of his mother Katie Kulpa. “Her head still really hurts, but she is doing a lot better.”

Leverentz, though, said he’s frustrated that the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office didn’t release 16-year-old suspect Jeffrey Collins’ name or photograph until Wednesday, and said he believes the teen is wearing an ankle monitor.

He said the two teens who were with Collins, and ran to report the assault, told the first person they encountered that Collins was wearing a tracking monitor, which suggests he already was in trouble with the law.

“I understand the law has to protect minors, but this guy tried to kill my mom,” he said. “This is a whole new level.”

Carrie Haverfield, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman, said she could not confirm whether Collins was supposed to be wearing an ankle monitor . . .

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday publicly identified Collins after obtaining a court order allowing them to reveal the minor’s identity.

Sheriff’s officials sought the public’s help in finding Collins on Tuesday, but did not initially release his name or picture because he is a minor. They only described him as white with blonde hair.

“The court is allowing for the release of the juvenile information because he is at large and considered dangerous,” officials wrote in a news release.

I can practically guarantee that Jeffrey has been ENABLED by Attention Homes and other local nonprofits which provide shelter / services to ANYONE with no questions asked. Time to cut off all public funding to the irresponsible do-gooders, in my opinion.


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