This will be my most lasting memory from Boulder Manor, a local nursing home


It’s a scene I witnessed just the other day: An old lady with dementia, seated in her wheelchair near the Nurses’ Station on the hall where I have a room, repeating over and over, “My friend doesn’t come to see me . . . Where is he?” As she spoke this heartbreaking lament, she was massaging her exposed breast for comfort. It’s unlikely that anything can be done to heal this woman’s hurt and loneliness, and I hold Boulder Manor’s corporate owners blameless in her case. Of course, there are many others like her in residence.

HOWEVER — I find no excuse for the new management’s policy which deliberately allows for bad behavior of all kinds to go unchallenged by the staff on duty, with the exception of sexual assaults, possession of deadly weapons including a homemade spear (both of which I have seen when Boulder police officers were called in to deal with the wrongdoers), and presumably other serious felonies. Repeated profanity-laced tirades against staff members by name? Okay, and it’s been done at least six times by my former roommate, a guy I’ve nicknamed Oxy Guy. Abuse of illegal drugs? Okay, and there’s a posse of dope smokers from the streets who gather outside to smoke weed several times a day. Worst of all are the lazy ne’er-do-wells who refuse to do the simplest things for themselves; I got on one guy’s case just before I strolled over here to Meadows Branch Library a while ago, because he’d come back from wheeling himself outside to smoke and then started crying to a CNA that he needed to be pushed in his wheelchair a much shorter distance back to his room.

How in blazes can these folks with marginal physical abilities ever get better if they’re constantly babied? They can’t, and Oxy Guy is a perfect example. He’s a pill junkie who can walk better than the Homeless Philosopher, but he goes to great lengths to hide it from the RNs, CNAs, Physical Therapists, and others so he can keep getting narcotic painkillers that no longer have any therapeutic value for him — but are instead feeding his raging opioid addiction. The best thing that could be done for this wheelchair faker and several other Boulder Manor residents like him is to force them to use a walker until they’re able to use only a cane, as I do, and weaning them off the dope in the process. BTW, I use only ibuprofen for pain relief from my severely arthritic hip, and have learned to tolerate some degree of discomfort rather than scamming for oxycodone to get high.

It’s NOT in the patient’s best interests to permit this manipulation of medical treatment. Why is it happening, then? BOULDER MANOR PROGRESSIVE CARE CENTER MAKES ANYWHERE FROM $7,000 TO $18,000 PER MONTH TO PROVIDE “CARE” TO THESE JUNKIES. If all of ’em were kicked out for repeatedly cursing at staff and other kinds of misbehavior, a ton of revenue would cease flowing into BM’s corporate coffers.

Yes, it’s the triumph of GREED over compassion for those truly in need (such as the old lady mentioned above). It’s CORPORATE FRONT OFFICE GREED, so I hold the overworked and underpaid staff at Boulder Manor blameless for it.

At this point, I don’t know if I can stand to remain at BM until my scheduled discharge date of October 7th. Certainly, if I had known what I was in for here I never would have agreed to be admitted.


Meet the Cash Cow. 


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