Has ObamaCare improved things in Colorado?


By Max R. Weller

I submit to you that [WhodunitCare] is enabling greedy insurance companies and petty-minded bureaucrats to do the same — screw the poor and vulnerable patients — as they’ve always done, except that it now costs more and is less efficient than before. Check out the identical boilerplate legalese contained in two letters I’ve received regarding my discharge from Boulder Manor effective on 10/7/2016 and my right to appeal:

If you disagree with the proposed action described above, you may appeal to the state and have a hearing with a State Administrative Law Judge. To continue your current services you must file an appeal by the effective date above. You should be aware that the State of Colorado and designated case management agency (Adult Care Management, Inc.) may attempt collection or seek to collect repayment from you for all benefits you received if you lose the appeal . . . (Emphasis is mine — MRW).

Pretty neat trick, huh? They discourage anyone from appealing by threatening collection if that appeal is unsuccessful. Of course, they could NOT squeeze blood out of a stone, but they could (I presume) refuse to pay for future benefits if they’re ever required, as it seems will be probable at some point for me. (Bear in mind that it was other people who evaluated me and admitted me for long-term care in the first place; I didn’t do this on my own.)

I won’t appeal, because I can plainly see on a daily basis that I’m in better shape than most other residents at Boulder Manor. There is no good place for me to go, however, without risking my health or intruding to an absurdly selfish extent on friends.

Yes, I’ve learned that the nursing home industry is corrupt and driven by $$$, just like the homeless shelter / services industry. Republicrats have no answers, are NOT even asking the right questions, and it may take another quarter-century before we see real health care reform in America.

Example of a better system: Health care in Sweden.

I’m thankful I have Meadows Branch Library within walking distance of my current abode.



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