Why does the Homeless Philosopher oppose transients from outside of Boulder County, CO?


By Max R. Weller

Over three years ago, Bridge House — which bills itself as a homeless people’s day center in downtown Boulder, and serves ANYBODY regardless of where they come from — did a survey of its clients. Read the report from the Daily Camera: Survey: More than half of Boulder homeless who sought help at center were new to city. Excerpt follows:

More than half the people who sought help at Bridge House’s new resource center for the homeless had lived in Boulder less than six months, according to data released Wednesday by the day shelter and social service agency.

The information came from intake forms filled out by 417 people who sought help at the off-site resource center between October and April and was collected by Bridge House in an effort to better understand who Boulder’s homeless population is and what services it needs.

Asked where they lived prior to becoming homeless, 31 percent said they lived in other parts of Colorado and 32 percent said they came from another state. The other 37 percent are from Boulder or Boulder County.

Asked how long they had lived in Boulder, 52 percent said less than six months. Another 38 percent had lived here more than a year.

Now we’re seeing the negative consequences all over Boulder County.

Here’s the last thing I said on the Boulder Rights Watch Facebook page, before I was blocked by one the chief apologists / enablers for the worst-behaved transients, Darren O’Connor:

I “advocate” for nonprofits here to give priority to Boulder County’s own homeless residents AND to spend their dollars wisely on projects to benefit the greatest number of those homeless men, women, and children. The FAILURE to do this should weigh on everyone’s conscience . . .

Please support me in taking care of our own FIRST, transients from elsewhere to the end of the line for available shelter / services, if any.



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