Boulder Rights Watch blocks Homeless Philosopher


By Max R. Weller

Statement by Darren O’Connor on Facebook page of Boulder Rights Watch:

Based on Boulder Rights Watch’s Vision and Mission Statements, I have blocked Max Weller from this group. While I found he didn’t make personal attacks on individuals here, his positions consistently fail or go against our intent. While his voice in the community is appropriate, it is not so in a forum such as this where we are seeking to “lovingly address the needs of those living without a permanent place to call home.”

Vision Statement:
Our vision is a city that leads by example in recognizing the value of all community members, including our unhoused neighbors. We endeavor to tap the capabilities, talents, and experiences of Boulder’s housed and unhoused citizens to creatively and lovingly address the needs of those living without a permanent place to call home. Throughout the process, our city will acknowledge and respect the rights of everyone that collectively calls Boulder home.

Mission Statement:
To recognize and expand the rights of and respect for unhoused people and their property

Mr. O’Connor was immediately challenged by another BRW member, who shall remain anonymous here:

Member:  I’m appalled that you felt the need to block Max Weller from this forum, Darren. I thought the forum was to recognize the value of ALL community members…not just the ones that agreed with you and your opinions. Please block me, too…I do not want to be a part of such a closed-minded group.

Darren O’Connor: I’m sorry ____, but we risked losing more people by having Max’s opinions shared here (emphasis is mine — MRW), consistently in disagreement with what we are attempting to accomplish. I would be sorry to lose you, and I certainly won’t block you.

Member: Maybe because Max is telling the other side of the story, Darren. Please block me….

Darren O’Connor: You are welcome to remove yourself from the group, ____, you do not require me to take such action for you. To do so, click on the “Joined” button at the top of the page, and select “Leave Group”.

To set the record straight about BRW’s numbers: When I joined the group it had about 120+ members; during the short time I was a member, it gained several dozen more and now has 180+. I’m sure Mr. O’Connor can count just as well as he can LIE.



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