Channeling Hitler


By Max R. Weller


Trump was spewing his hateful idiocy on CNN a while ago, before I went back to my room for lunch. I did NOT let the dolt ruin my recently-recovered appetite, but the stooges chanting at his rally are SCARY.

I’m confident, however, that neither The Donald nor the angry white trash supporting his candidacy will be able to destroy the Republican Party in the long run, let alone gain the White House and destroy the entire country.

He’s the only GOP candidate who COULD lose to Hillary — any other would have been up by 10 points in the polls at this point — and Trump WILL lose in an electoral landslide.


2 thoughts on “Channeling Hitler

  1. Steven Luneburg

    Hi Max. Saw an interesting news article on Spur, TX. They welcome tiny houses. Thought of you. Not homeless but people looking to live in a tiny house and not being zoned.


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