Worst-behaved transients in Boulder County make it into New York Times


By Max R. Weller

Read the story here: As Homeless Find Refuge in Forests, ‘Anger Is Palpable’ in Nearby Towns.

Some of my fellow members of Peak to Peak Forest Watch were critical of this NYT’s piece as being pro-transient, but on balance I think it leaves the worst-behaved among the homeless population looking just exactly like the dregs of humanity they are. As I’ve often pointed out on this Homeless Philosopher blog, the criminal element comprises no more than 20% of those who are homeless — but they are HIGH PROFILE in the public eye, and understandably so.

(We need to remember that It’s obviously NOT the decent, law-abiding homeless folks — the other 80% — who are trashing the countryside, drinking, drugging, robbing, raping, battering, murdering, and setting wildfires.)

The bums of Boulder County, CO are also a bunch of whiners. Lazy whiners, at that, who have a company of self-styled advocates and Facebook groups like Boulder Rights Watch to piss and moan on their behalf. I became a member of BRW, so I can post my comments there in an effort to correct the misinformation they’re constantly pitching to the public:


Do-gooders’ manure pile

Back when I regularly played the role of Humble Beggar (to gain cash needed to buy life’s necessities rather than booze, dope, and cigarettes) at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 just outside of Boulder city limits, I met all kinds of folks; 99% of them returned the respect and friendly greetings I gave to everyone. But, even I have been yelled at by passersby who told me, “Get a job!” One young man in a vehicle owned by a local business threw a penny at my feet and cursed. Did I get angry and call his boss to demand that he be fired? NO. I laughed loud enough that he could hear me as he drove away, because I figured his life must be far more miserable than mine.

Next time you’re approached about donating to a local nonprofit which supports sociopathic transients who have no ties to Boulder County, remember what’s really going on with their organizations: More Homeless People = More Money.



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