‘Volunteer Opportunities’ that should be jobs for the homeless

Originally published on 1/24/2016


By Max R. Weller

Copied from the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless  website:

Volunteer Assignment Opportunities
Please explore the volunteer assignments available at the Shelter by clicking on the assignment names below. The Shelter has two seasons of service – winter & summer – and volunteer assignments change according to the season.

The winter season (October – April) is when we have the greatest need for volunteers:

The summer season (April- October) offers fewer volunteer opportunities, but we still need your help:


I understand the reason why BSH seeks to involve SO MANY VOLUNTEERS from the community — goodhearted people’s time and effort will be accompanied, in many if not all cases, by their monetary donations.

But, is this the most important consideration? I think not . . .

Every one of these volunteer positions could be filled by the homeless men and women who stay at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — and it would go a long ways toward giving them dignity and self-respect. Far better than keeping them helpless and needy, or assigning a few easy 15-minute chores to program residents (which frequently don’t get done, anyway).

It’s NOT the volunteers’ fault that policy is so very misguided. This FUBAR mindset belongs to the executive director and every one of the board members at BSH.


Indeed, they should . . .

Addendum: While I’m giving helpful advice on the way that our local homeless shelter is run, let me add this:

STOP paying one of the two staff members on duty overnight to sleep — these aren’t firefighters working a 24-hour shift! Instead, hire armed security guards to be on the premises from 5PM until 8AM — guards who will be WIDE AWAKE!


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