Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center update


By Max R. Weller

I can find only two registered sex offenders on Boulder PD’s online list who show Boulder Manor’s address of 4865 Baseline Rd. but there could be others:



This individual is an amputee, and strangely enough he shares a room with a woman. 



This offender’s health is so poor I don’t consider him a threat to anyone outside of Boulder Manor.

I’ve chosen not to disclose their names on my blog, because I reside at Boulder Manor myself and it’s just possible someone in authority here might object to public disclosure of such info. Their photos will have to suffice.


I must say that the food served here is very tasty, and it comes in generous helpings. In addition to breakfast (7:30 to 9AM), lunch (11:30AM to 1PM), and dinner (5:30 to 7PM) there are snack carts with sandwiches, graham crackers, fresh fruit, etc. which come around to the nurse’s stations about 8 in the evening.

The facility is very clean, and I’ve seen NO EVIDENCE of vermin such as the bedbugs you will find at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Nor have I seen a cockroach. However, I did see a very fat mouse this morning, feasting on leftovers from the snack carts parked near the kitchen at 5:30AM. This did NOT bother me one bit — I adopted many field mice as pets during my years as a homeless camper in Boulder, CO and its environs. I did report it to maintenance staff, and the exterminator will be contacted.

Most residents here are well-behaved. Granted, some are suffering from dementia or have physical disabilities that make it impossible for them to commit mayhem. The street people with healing fractures or other injuries, who have taken up residence in order to obtain narcotic painkillers and never get their lazy butts up from their wheelchairs, are a different story — but they have modified their bad behavior when I’ve confronted them. They like to sleep until noon, and stay up most of the night yelling and wandering all over, just like they do on the streets. They smuggle booze and weed into this facility, too, but that seems to be kept out of sight for the most part. I do wish that Stinking Man would take a shower . . .

The Boulder Manor staff, and I’m talking about those who faithfully do the grunt work on a daily basis, are great! Seems to me that BMPCC is understaffed, which is hard to understand given the amount of revenue generated (in my case it’s $7,000 per month, which breaks down to about $230 every day — the going rate at the upscale St. Julien Hotel & Spa), but this is a corporate shortcoming and NOT anything that reflects negatively on the RNs, CNAs, Housekeepers. Kitchen Workers, and others.


 That’s my update . . .


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