My thoughts on homelessness here in Boulder, CO


By Max R. Weller

What follows is my comment copied from a Facebook page called This is Boulder Colorado:

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is used as a catchall facility for single adult homeless men and women — but its staff is not trained to serve as corrections officers, nor as psychiatric nurses / aides, nor as caregivers for the developmentally disabled who become homeless. The millions and millions of dollars sucked up by BSH and other homeless shelter / services providers every year here in Boulder, from both public and private sources, would be much better spent on DOC-operated halfway houses, secure psychiatric facilities for those who suffer from severe mental health issues (but often refuse to be compliant with prescribed meds when left to decide that for themselves), and group homes — all of these staffed by professionals with the specific training required for each facility. AS TO THOSE WHO DON’T FALL INTO THESE CATEGORIES, they typically are “on the streets” for less than a month before “getting back on their feet” and therefore don’t need the resources the do-gooders want you to believe they do. Some of them who prefer an alternative living arrangement would be perfect candidates for a Tiny Homes Community, modeled on what is being done in Madison, WI and other truly progressive cities (the bums making headlines would never be considered as residents, because they would not choose to contribute to building and maintaining the community nor would they abide by any rules meant for the greater good of the community).


OM Build in Madison, WI 


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