Transients trashing Boulder County forests


Used toilet paper (in bags) left scattered about near Beaver Reservoir

By Max R. Weller

The photo above is just more convincing evidence to me that it’s the sociopathic travelers, who pass through the City of Boulder before heading up into the mountains, who are committing these acts. I’ve seen human feces on the doorstep of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and I’ve witnessed the bad actors relieving themselves on and near the sidewalk leading to the nearby Dakota Ridge subdivision.

There is now a (closed) Facebook group, Peak to Peak Forest Watch, which has 440 members and counting.

The folly of do-gooders in Boulder, CO — who apparently have never met a bum they didn’t like — has negative consequences that extend far outside of the city limits.

BTW, Boulder Rights Watch, the Facebook group which promotes the worst-behaved transients, has only 109 members.



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