How do nursing homes view the residents of their facilities?


Meet the Cash Cow!

By Max R. Weller

I’m used to sleeping outdoors with plenty of fresh air, and until last week here at Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center I had a bed right next to the window in my room. Then, they moved me to another wing, into a new room with some Froot Loop who wants to keep it shut up tight. He’s next to the window, and I’m stuck in a corner next to the door — which he wants to be closed at all times. To read a book (I have neither TV nor phone in this room), I have to sit out in the hallway in order to breathe comfortably. For the $7,000 per month they receive from taxpayers just for my care (their GREED being the most likely explanation for denying my transfer to Applewood in Longmont, and they still haven’t provided the written explanation with a staff member’s signature that I requested last Thursday), you might think I’d enjoy every amenity including a fine chocolate on my pillow at bedtime each night. I’m sorry to report that the corporate nursing home industry in Boulder, CO seems as focused on $$$ as the charitable homeless shelter / services industry here — “for profit” and “nonprofit” being mere legal distinctions without any practical difference for the vulnerable residents. Having said all this, I hasten to add that Boulder Manor staff on the front lines do a great job, in the same way that the grunts at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless are the only redeeming feature at that facility.

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