‘Jeff Schulz: Boulder should stop importing criminals’

Read the letter-to-editor in the Daily Camera here. Copied below in its entirety:

As a longtime Boulder resident, I would like to request that both the City Council and the county commissioners explain why they insist on inviting homeless transients from all over the country to stay here. These two governing bodies are directly responsible for the havoc that out-of-town criminals inflict in our community, including the uptick in rapes and recently a huge wildfire.

I recognize citizens are also complicit because we’ve allowed special interests to essentially bring Boulder to its knees in the name of “compassion.” The non-profits that make money off of the homeless situation should also outline how their services are in the citizen’s best interest and why they can’t at least filter out the sex offenders.

As far as I can tell, these groups are not serving “a local need,” they are merely creating huge problems that the rest of the citizens have to contend with every day. We seem to be long on “activists” and “advocates,” but short on accountability. And since the D.A. is spending his time avoiding investigating what appears to be huge conflict of interests at the council level, the citizens simply have to demand better governance directly.

For example, I would like the well-paid city manager to personally visit the woman that was recently raped on the Boulder Creek path and apologize on behalf of the citizens, and explain that, while it’s unfortunate she had such a horrific experience at the hands of another criminal transient, the city’s policies are quite sound.

I would also like to request that the mayor quit worrying about ice cream sandwiches and that she and her sister on the county commission apologize to the citizens of Nederland and start reducing funding for the agencies that are importing criminals in from all over the country.

Jeff Schulz



Accused Alabama arsonists



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