Debate on Times-Call website


By Max R. Weller

I know that some of you have missed the knock-down-and-drag-out exchanges which used to be a regular feature of the Daily Camera website, before that newspaper decided to end all online commenting.

Here’s a little something from the Times-Call which may be entertaining:

Homeless dogs

I’m calling regarding homeless people with dogs. I don’t understand how that’s not neglect. I see them in their cars, left inside hot vehicles all summer. I call Longmont police, they check it out and nothing really becomes of it. If I wasn’t homeless and I treated a dog the way that I see them being treated, the dog could be taken off of me and taken to the humane society. I don’t understand why it’s OK for homeless people to do it.

Comment by RealityCheck: Regarding “Homeless dogs” above:

It’s NOT okay for the homeless — who can’t adequately care for themselves in most, but not all, cases — to abuse and / or neglect animals. Worst of all are the transients who “adopt” stray dogs which aren’t spayed or neutered, in order to sell the puppies to gullible passersby on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. I’ve seen Travelers using their dogs as pack animals, too.

But, the apologists / enablers who run local nonprofits dealing with homelessness care about only one thing: $$$ from people who buy into their inappropriate compassion.

Comment by MikeRochip: If someone has a dog in a car on a hot day, that’s bad. Don’t matter how big, small or nonexistent their house is.

“Homeless People” are not a big, homogenous clump of things. You can’t talk about homeless as if they were cows or cabbages. Some homeless people are outstanding pet owners, some are not.

Some home owners are horrible pet owners, but no one writes letters saying “home owners need to be better with animals…”

RealityCheck: “Some homeless people are outstanding pet owners . . .” Can you name one?

Having been a homeless man living in Boulder County since early 2008, I’ve known dozens of homeless pet owners. I can’t think of one who was “outstanding” as you put it, nor can I think of one who was even able to provide basic veterinary care in addition to adequate food and shelter for their companion.

Saying that some homeowners are also guilty of animal abuse / neglect is self-evident, but absolutely does NOT excuse homeless pet owners in any way.

MikeRochip: There was this story in the TC a week or so ago:…

But you’re missing my point. Don’t categorize all homeless people as the same. You can’t say “homeless people are this” anymore than you can say “bicyclists are this” or “drinkers are this.” The groups are too large and too diverse.

Some people would have gone thru your experience and come out with empathy for other down on their luck folks. I guess it’s also possible that some , like you, would come out with contempt.

RealityCheck: Anything is possible. What is a CERTAINTY is that you have never walked in my shoes and therefore have no idea what I think or feel about anything — except for that which I choose to share with the public in general.

As to Carriage House and the homeless characters profiled in that story, it’s a typical Daily Camera puff piece. The DC wrote similar glowing reports about Jim Budd, who worked at Carriage House and went on to found Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow — before raping a CH volunteer and being sent to prison for 25+ years. Those of us who have lived as homeless men and women in Boulder know the ugly truth about transients and the greedy “nonprofits” which enable their bad behavior, all for the sake of more $$$ from donors who want to Feel Good about themselves.

Like many others, I quit going to Carriage House over seven years ago, after learning what a scam it really is.

And I will say this about do-gooders: ALL OF YOU are clueless, because you lack critical thinking skills and reject any notion of objectivity.


I was tempted to add a link to the heartbreaking story of “Tater” but I thought that would be piling on poor Mike . . .

Oh, what the hell — Read Boulder police: Man kicked, stomped, dragged 4-month-old puppy ‘Tater’ from the DC in August of 2012.


Edward McMorris (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office) 


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