Denver cracks down on 16th Street Mall


Max R. Weller

Read the report in the Denver Post: Denver going after “scourge of hoodlums” on 16th Street Mall. Excerpt follows:

Citing a “scourge of hoodlums” on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, city officials on Monday announced new plans to ramp up security, including stopping people from leaning on walls and calling animal control when people are loitering with dogs.

The plan also includes the addition of more uniformed officers on the mall, from the Denver Police Department and from private security, which will be hired by the Denver Downtown Partnership.

Mayor Michael Hancock said the crackdown is coming because of bad behavior from “urban travelers,” whom he described as a scourge of hoodlums who are pushing the boundaries of the law. Others describe the urban travelers as primarily young people who travel between cities seeking a carefree lifestyle with no desire to hold jobs, mortgages or bank accounts.

“I know people will try to twist who and what we are talking about here today,” Hancock said during a news conference at the Downtown Denver Partnership’s office. “We are not talking about Denver’s homeless. We’re not talking about those on the corner asking for money.”

The travelers often arrive in Denver around April 20, in time for the annual marijuana celebration, and they stick around for the warmer months before moving down the road. Since 2014, there has been an increase in their numbers, said Denver police Cmdr. Tony Lopez, whose district includes downtown.

“They are intimidating those who want to enjoy the mall,” Hancock said.

White described the travelers as “aggressive and offensive” and said, “they’ve been disrespectful to even our police officers in uniforms to be honest with you. We’re at the point where enough is enough. We’re not going to tolerate it for one more second.”

See Violent confrontation on 16th Street Mall caught on video from Fox31 in Denver.

This is the same situation Boulder has been struggling with for years, with transient predators committing violent crimes such as rapes and stabbings; other homeless people they perceive as weaker are frequently their victims. Most of the troublemakers in Denver also travel here to our fair city, filling all available emergency shelter space in wintertime and consuming other resources. Unfortunately, Boulder’s homeless shelter / services industry refuses to require valid photo ID with a Boulder County address and instead serves anybody who can stagger through the door, including sex offenders from other states. MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY.

Enabler-in-chief of the worst-behaved transients, heading an organization which spends millions of dollars annually at the same time the number of homeless in Boulder is increasing. And Bridge House has plenty of company:


“Sexually Violent Predator” Kerry Whitfield is from Denver.

I doubt any serious crackdown will ever occur in Boulder until one of the elites falls victim. Then, the do-gooders just might wake up to reality!



One thought on “Denver cracks down on 16th Street Mall

  1. Renee Thompson

    I’m glad to see the crackdown. People generally don’t make the distinction between the trouble-making young drifters and the truely homeless.


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