Max’s commentary 6/17/2016

At a time when the FBI does NOT have the manpower or other resources to monitor homegrown jihadists, and the American response to ISIS in Syria and Iraq has been halfhearted, we have Democratic senators rushing in front of the cameras to push for a vote on gun control measures which would NOT have prevented a single one of the shooters involved in recent massacres from obtaining their chosen weapons.

In Sandy Hook and Aurora, the shooters should have been involuntarily committed to secure psychiatric facilities long before their rampages — it’s the law in all 50 states and D.C. — but that wasn’t done. In Orlando and San Bernardino, shooters with ties to international terrorist groups could have obtained fully automatic firearms or materials for bombs, and wreaked even more havoc than they did . . . It’s the human beings involved who are dangerous, NOT the semi-automatic .22 squirrel rifles so many American youth get on their birthdays, NOR the semi-automatic .223 varmint / target rifles they purchase for themselves as adults.

Even if these so-called gun control bills pass the Senate, they will be DOA in the House; what then? More irrelevant political grandstanding from the anti-gun crowd, highlighted by a media which almost never looks at the facts in re current firearms law nor at  those who use these tools lawfully? That will mean more domestic terrorists committing atrocities and less pressure on the Islamic State overseas, for the reasons explained at the start of this commentary.

These anti-gun folks are as WRONGHEADED as the xenophobes wanting a blanket ban on Muslim immigration.

BTW, here’s the link to an interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor: After Orlando shooting, gun sales to LGBT people rise.


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