A Tiny Homes village in Boulder, CO?


By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder council to hold public walking tour of homelessness, potential tiny home sites in the Daily Camera. Excerpt follows:

The Boulder City Council hopes to host a public walking tour of homeless services and gathering places next month, as part of the process of researching the feasibility of a tiny homes village.

At the council’s study session Tuesday, City Manager Jane Brautigam said that the city has identified certain locations on which tiny homes could work in Boulder.

But, she told the council, “We need direction to do more work on the idea.”

Councilman Aaron Brockett jumped at the offer.

“It would be a great beginning,” he said, “to just take a look at a site and see how this might function.

That’s a thought that would no doubt be welcomed by the city’s homeless advocates, who allege that Boulder’s camping ban is excessively harsh and that the homeless are frequently “criminalized” simply for trying to sleep. Many have called for some form of transitional housing in Boulder for homeless people trying to get off the streets.

The tiny home movement advocates for the potential of dwelling spaces less than about 500 square feet to work as temporary housing for homeless people attempting to transition from the streets.

My thoughts are: 1) These Tiny Homes, and other sheltering/services provided to the homeless here in Boulder, must be offered only to Boulder County residents in need — NOT to transients from Denver and elsewhere; 2) The amount of space required would be about the same as that for a self-storage facility, which can be found all over our city (a dozen acres or so out of the 70 square miles of Open Space surrounding the city being suitable); 3) It would be a grave mistake for the city to support the self-styled homeless advocates and nonprofit leadership currently running things, as it’s painfully obvious they reached their Level of Incompetence long ago; 4) A very careful screening process for Tiny Home residents must be adhered to — NO registered sex offenders, NO alcoholics or drug addicts, NO individuals convicted of any crimes of violence; and 5) Tiny Home residents must participate in building and maintaining their residences and the common areas (showers, a laundry room, meeting rooms, etc.) used by everyone.


Tiny Homes by OM Build in Madison, WI could be the model for Boulder to follow.


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