Max’s commentary 6/14/2016

Hmmm . . . If the Orlando shooter himself was gay, does this mean that self-hatred and homophobia was the primary motivation for his horrific crime? His obvious confusion about rival Islamic terror groups leads me to question if his stated “allegiance” to them was just a smoke screen.
As far as guns, President Obama has been the most effective “salesman” the firearms industry has ever had, but of course this is unintentional. Sales have reached record levels during his administration. There’s a reason that America has over 300 million handguns, shotguns, and rifles in the hands of its citizens; it’s part of our culture, and semi-automatic rifles have become so popular in the past decade or so that many other manufacturers now offer a version of the original civilian Colt AR-15. The anti-gun and highly partisan rhetoric only increases the public’s desire to obtain firearms, and SHORT OF A POLICE STATE BREAKING DOWN THE DOORS OF LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS, there is no way to put that genie back in the bottle.
Current restrictions on purchasing and possessing any sort of firearm are as effective as can be put into place, given recent SCOTUS decisions like McDonald v. Chicago.
BTW, the fake Republican running for president once supported a proposed ban on so-called assault weapons. I think it’s foolish to believe anything to the contrary coming out of his mouth today.

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