Where do they all come from?

From two years ago:


By Max R. Weller

It seems to me that there are more transients in Boulder, CO this summer than I’ve ever seen before, and I’ve lived in the same north Boulder neighborhood continuously since early 2008.

The last two mornings, there have been twenty or more homeless people waiting on the sidewalk outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (more than half are new faces to me), which opens at 6AM for showers, breakfast, etc. I can remember when there were only a few of us.

Yesterday, there was a steady stream of homeless people wanting to “fly a sign” on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, and except for Jeff they were all idiots wasting their time. I’ll repeat: I don’t mind sharing the corner with panhandlers who can actually pick up a few dollars in a reasonable amount of time — but the clowns like Denver King…

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