Another brilliant plan to end homelessness (yawn)

From four years ago:


By Max R. Weller

See Pathways Home Colorado (follow the links), brought to you by the usual suspects including those mucking things up in Boulder County.

Copied from “Appendix A: Acknowledgements” —

Boulder County
• Craig Earhart, City of Longmont/Police Department
• Edwina Salazar, OUR Center
• Greg Harms, Executive Director, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
• Kathy Fedler, Affordable Housing Programs Coordinator
• Longmont Housing Opportunities Team (LHOT) meeting in November 2011
• Robin Bohannan, Boulder County Community Services Department
• Scott D. Robbins, Robbins Refugee Services

What’s it all about? Copied here is the “Conclusion” —

“Cooperation, collaboration, and working with partnerships across the spectrum: From the grassroots, to the Governor’s Office, and beyond to the federal government . . . we’re challenging the notion that we are separate. We all belong, we count, and we are all a part of the main stage.” –Randle Loeb, Community Organizer…

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