The transients’ candidate:




One thought on “The transients’ candidate:

  1. homelessphilosopher Post author

    Dear “Alex in San Jose”:

    I’m NOT in a position to panhandle now and haven’t been since early last November; but those who donated to me were well aware that I purchased life’s necessities — food, clothing, camping gear, bus fare, etc. — and NOT cigarettes, booze, and dope. It suited them to help me, so what business is it of yours? BTW, I’ve made small donations to individuals in need as well as charities over the years, most recently a modest $20 to this group:

    What “gov’t freebies” are you talking about? I’ve never even applied for food stamps, nor for any cash benefits. True, I was hospitalized over five weeks ago and am recuperating in a nursing care center, and both facilities had their staff sign me up for every available means by which they might be reimbursed — in Sweden and other First World nations besides the U.S., of course, all I would have had to do is show up at the ER with cellulitis in my lower right leg and a severely arthritic hip.

    What I can tell you is that if you just want to abuse the privilege I’ve given you of commenting here, you’ll be 86ed.


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