Drunken trespassers cited, finally

From four years ago:


By Max R. Weller

This morning while I was waiting for Boulder Shelter for [Froot Loops] to open at 6AM, the Campsite Crapper (and former candidate for Boulder City Council, sponsored by the erstwhile Carriage House) got off a SKIP bus to take his place in line. It had been months since he put in an appearance there. Only a few minutes passed before he started in with another of his Big Lies: he now works at King Soopers and is “doing everything” at that store, and soon will be in an executive postion at corporate headquarters. (He doesn’t work at the Table Mesa store where I shop). Anyway, his presence in the neighborhood caused me to stick around after BSH closed at 8AM, in order to make darn sure that he didn’t wander over to my campsite and engage in his perversion, to the detriment of my sanitary standards. I didn’t see him…

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