‘Boulder County city consortium mulls homeless data’


By Max R. Weller

Read the report in the Times-Call here. Quoting from it below:

“The study was able to count about 225 chronically homeless people in Boulder County. On average, each of those chronically homeless uses $43,300 each year in emergency room, police, ambulance rides and other crisis services costs.

“By contrast, to build permanent supportive housing would cost roughly $17,000 per year per chronically homeless person, said Jennie Rodgers with Community Strategies Institute.”

My online comment (posting as RealityCheck) follows:

This is the same sort of Funny Math used to scam the public in re Boulder’s 1175 Lee Hill Housing First project — it does NOT take into account the upfront cost of over $8M for the 31 units (over $250,000 each).

Consider what HF residents are doing in their north Boulder neighborhood — drinking, smoking weed, panhandling, and loitering all day in the 4900 block of N. Broadway — and any objective observer must conclude that there is no positive impact for anyone. Indeed, six HF residents have already died from alcohol-related causes at this facility!


It’s another load of fertilizer from Boulder County, CO’s do-gooders


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