Transient assaults residents and staff at Boulder Manor


By Max R. Weller

I’ve been a resident here at Boulder Manor myself for almost a month, after spending several days in Boulder Community Hospital because of cellulitis in my lower right leg and my arthritic right hip, which combined led to a slip-and-fall while walking across the CU campus near the end of April. I’ve been treated with a regimen of both IV and oral antibiotics as well as a blood thinner; the antibiotics are done now, and I’m slowly regaining strength enough to rely on my cane and NOT a walker. When first taken to BCH, I couldn’t stand up on my own . . .

Since residing here at Boulder Manor, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of street people I know by their (bad) reputations. Street people with histories of substance abuse and repeated run-ins with the law. This guy in particular stands out: Boulder police seek additional charges against convicted sex offender.

Excerpt from article follows:

Boulder police are seeking additional charges against a man arrested in early May for failing to register as a sex offender after they say he also inappropriately touched a patient at Boulder Manor Progressive Care Center.

Jerry Hinchliff was admitted into Boulder Manor, 4685 Baseline Road, on March 29 for treatment of burns he suffered in a fire, and he had 30 days to register as a sex offender in Boulder because he had previously been registered in Adams County.

Police arrested Hinchliff, 53, on May 10 on harassment and failure to register as a sex offender charges, but on May 24, they found additional probable cause to arrest him on unlawful sexual contact and additional harassment charges for inappropriately touching another patient.

A police report said that two nurses at Boulder Manor overheard two patients having a conversation about Hinchliff touching them against their will, and both women appeared to be very upset.

Residents (patients) here include older men and women with dementia, amputees, the mentally ill, and others who are vulnerable for various reasons. Continuing excerpt:

Management also told police of multiple incidents involving Hinchliff being inappropriate with staff, and that anytime nurses had any direct contact with Hinchliff, two of them needed to be in the room, according to the report.

Court records show Hinchliff has a 2006 conviction for sexual assault out of Adams County. He remained in custody on Tuesday.

Obviously, this pervert has no business being in any setting where he can prey on others:

Jerry Hinchliff

Jerry Hinchliff (Courtesy photo / Boulder Police Department)

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