Why be your own worst enemy, homeless people? And more

From a year ago . . . Another reblogged post as I continue to recuperate indoors and am unable to gather new material on homelessness firsthand.



By Max R. Weller

Photo taken at the “Horseshoe” on Boulder Creek Path near Boulder High School

Self-destructive behaviors — including drinking, drugging, smoking tobacco, and hanging out in transient rat packs — make life so much more difficult than it has to be. Stop wasting your meager disposable income and your precious time on this nonsense! Get clean and sober, attend to your personal hygiene requirements, and meet new friends who belong to the broader community in which you live. It will open up a whole new world of positive experiences and opportunities, which can NEVER be discovered at Bridge House or any of the other popular bum hangouts.

Make no mistake about it: Isabel McDevitt, Joy Eckstine Redstone, and others of their ilk will keep you down forever if you allow them to do so. Their creed is More Homeless People = More…

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