Another Facebook conversation with Bill Hayes

From three years ago, before I blocked Mr. Hayes on Facebook and before the Daily Camera switched to its current Disqus commenting format (previous comments have disappeared). Bill Hayes left a childish comment on this blog yesterday (which I deleted, of course), and I was surprised that he still follows the Homeless Philosopher after so many years. At the same time, his remark tickled me; he said something to the effect that I should be glad that Boulder has compassion, otherwise I’d be run out of town on a rail. LOL! File under Only in Boulder.


By Max R. Weller

Note: Mr. Hayes claims to have a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University, and has also claimed to be associated with Bridge House in comments made on the Daily Camera website as BoulderBill, and I believe him.

This exchange occurred in response to an article posted on the DC Facebook page, and as you’ll see it drifted far away from the subject at hand:

Max Weller: It would be more to the point to seek the involuntary commitment of all those, like James Holmes, who make repeated violent threats to their shrinks — and to hold those mental health “professionals” accountable for their failure(s) to protect the public.

Bill Hayes: The two are not mutually exclusive, Max, and both have constitutional implications (and, thankfully, we don’t take lightly incarcerating people for what they say when angry).

Max Weller: Tell that to the widow of…

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