‘I’m so over drugs’: Bryson Fischer

See the story in the Daily Camera: Man fatally shot by Boulder police wrote of struggle 1 week ago. Quoting from it below:

Fischer had an extensive criminal history in Colorado, with numerous drug-possession arrests out of Boulder, Adams and Denver counties.

In 2007, he was arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault and felony menacing in connection with a stabbing at a party in Broomfield. He later pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and was sentenced to 36 months in a halfway house.

So far, police have not released any information about what may have led to the shooting. They are still looking for a second person who fled the scene, but have said they do not know yet whether that man is a second suspect or simply a witness.

A gun was recovered from the area.

Bryson Fischer 2007 booking photo

It seems that this young man was part of a criminal drug culture his entire adult life, and a quick glance at his Facebook page shows the usual supportive comments from “friends” who probably enabled him all along the way.

I think it’s very fortunate that this character didn’t walk into Boulder Public Library and open fire on innocent patrons and staff there. His apparent choice to commit “suicide by cop” is likely the most favorable outcome in terms of public safety.

I realize my comments don’t measure up to Boulder’s inappropriate and misguided sense of compassion, but what good have the apologists/enablers done for anybody? Mr. Fischer himself is dead. I think that speaks for itself . . .



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