Recuperating . . .

For those who follow this blog and have been wondering why I haven’t posted recently, it’s because I suffered a slip-and-fall on the CU campus a couple of weeks ago; a CU police officer insisted on calling an ambulance because I was too weak to stand up.

The ER staff at Boulder Community Hospital determined that no bones were broken, but when they saw the cellulitis in my lower right leg they admitted me for a week-long regimen of IV antibiotics and a blood thinner. Then, I was discharged to Boulder Manor, the local rehab and nursing facility, to continue on oral antibiotics. I’m still using a walker, and don’t quite feel secure in relying solely on my cane.

The plan is to transfer to Applewood Living Center in Longmont, CO as soon as they have an opening. Nobody wants me living outdoors any longer, and there is a host of social workers signing me up for all available services. It’s an indication of how sick I am that I’m allowing this to happen.

The silver lining in this cloud is that I’ve decided to leave Boulder for good — going so far as to have a good friend clean out my locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

The future of this blog is up in the air at this point, but if I think of anything interesting to say and can find a way to get to Longmont Public Library I’ll post it.

Thanks for your interest over the years!




7 thoughts on “Recuperating . . .

  1. Steven Luneburg

    Sorry to hear that Max. Ive been working for Labor ready. Many of my colleagues are homeless addicts. So I know a little of what you’ve been dealing with. I left boulder two years ago and neve looked back.thank you for your blog. I will miss it.

  2. Bonnie McNulty

    Good luck – I have really enjoyed your comments and have appreciated your views on helping folks help them selves – Too bad the folks in power don’t get it!

  3. Holly Harz

    So sorry you are going through this!! Hope you are doing better soon. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog…take care!

  4. karen hansson

    All the best to you Max. Thank you for your insights. Keep us informed about your progress.

  5. alex in San Jose

    I hope you pull through. I was living in CO Springs for a bit and a lady who was renting there had diabetes badly, and was afraid she might lose a leg, and might have to go “back to Longmont” and we had an agreement: If she needed to go to the hospital, to bang on my door and wake me up and I’d take her no matter what time of day or night (if I was there).

    At least they’re taking care of you, here in San Jose California we lose a few people each winter and our winters don’t get down to freezing all that much.

    1. Renee

      Alex, I’m from San Jose (left in 1990), and while it didn’t get down to freezing much, it sure could get cold and wet!

  6. Renee

    Max, I’m sorry about your suffering during this ordeal, but I’m glad you are getting care and will no longer have to sleep outdoors. I left Boulder, too, about two years ago and look forward to the day I do not have return, except to meet friends there. You are a gifted writer and I hope you keep up your blog, perhaps with a title change. We want to read about your new experiences and observations!


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