The deer mice move in, homeless in Oregon, and more


By Max R. Weller


Peromyscus maniculatus

This is the first time I’ve seen mice with this coloration in all the years I’ve been camping outdoors in Boulder, CO and its environs. I have to say that they’re beautiful rodents, brown over white being much more pleasing to the eye than plain old gray. My new campmate was not afraid of my flashlight, so I got a very good look at him (or her last) night, eating the Cap’n Crunch I put out. Also a tiny piece of extra sharp cheddar cheese from King Soopers, which I hated to part with . . .

If Boulder’s current batch of greedy homeless shelter / services providers were to embrace the Tiny House Community concept, there can be no doubt at all that they’d f*** it up just like everything else they touch. NEW LEADERSHIP MUST COME FIRST! See Tour of Eugene, OR homeless camps gives Boulder issues to consider in the Daily Camera. It absolutely makes me despair to see that clown Greg Harms, executive director of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, in this picture:


Right now, Boulderites are totally brainwashed into believing that the best way to either “end” or to “address” homelessness is with hugely expensive projects that help only a very small percentage of those on the streets here. A Tiny House Community could focus on Boulder County’s own homeless people — NOT transients from Denver and elsewhere — at far less cost; it’s certainly no different appearance-wise than the many personal storage unit facilities you’ll find scattered everywhere in Boulder.

The battery in my $8 watch failed overnight, but I seem to have a pretty good internal clock besides knowing how to use other signs to tell the time at my campsite. As I walked across the Bustop Gentleman’s Club parking lot a little after 5AM (the first SKIP bus was arriving) to BSH, I noted the presence of four Boulder PD units surrounding the entrance to this den of naughty nekkidness. They were taking lots of photos of the front door, and also working inside. It wasn’t until just before 6 that they finished up and drove away. BTW, one mentally ill bum tried to search for cigarette butts in front of the club, but two police officers quickly shooed him away from their crime scene. I can’t believe anyone is so stupid that they wouldn’t understand they ought to stay far away from any spot in the middle of several police vehicles, and this bum might not have heeded yellow tape, either, had Boulder’s finest chosen to put it up in this case.

Time once again to start flying this sign, when I’m on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36:



I’m sick of seeing that creepy old alcoholic child molester, Austin Gibson, staggering up and down the median and never buying anything with the $$$ he receives except rotgut vodka and cigarettes. He also receives a monthly disability check from Uncle Sugar and other kinds of financial assistance, so I wonder why he even panhandles at all:


That’s all for now, folks. Have a great day!


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