Seven bums on the wall in north Boulder, and more


By Max R. Weller

We already know what it is that chronically homeless transients who flock to our fair city are doing by day and by night — but have you wondered just what goes on with those clients in 1175 Lee Hill Housing First and Boulder Shelter’s Transition Program, located next door to each other? The ones who, so we’re told, are trying to get their lives back on track with the help of millions of dollars from both public and private sources?


No, don’t bother asking Gail Promboin (L), who sold out the neighborhood and her neighbors to buddy up with Betsey Martens of Boulder Housing Partners (R) . . . 

The Homeless Philosopher has lived in this area for over eight years now, and I’ll tell you what the Housing First and BSH Transition Program Posers are doing: Yesterday, when I arrived at my spot along the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, there were no fewer than seven (7) inebriates / potheads gathered there. NOBODY was “flying a sign” on the corner of U.S. 36; they were just drinking and smoking weed and holding their typically loud and stupid conversations in the middle of what is intended to be a business / industrial district and a residential neighborhood. Two of the seven were HF residents (who are on thin ice by their own admission), one is in the Transition Program, and the other four (including one registered child molester) were street bums with varying amounts of time logged in Boulder, CO.

Outside of the confines of the facilities themselves, there is NO supervision by HF case managers or BSH staff — and when you make a complaint by any means nobody in authority takes note of it. To the contrary, Betsey Martens and Boulder Housing Partners issue a press release stating that all is well. Our worthless local news media goes along with the do-gooder party line, and meanwhile millions more dollars are being raked in by the homeless shelter / services industry.


I do what I can to sound the alarm on this blog, and every day I’m there I pick up the trash these bums leave behind. Believe me, the situation is continuing to get worse every year!

I’ll e-mail this blog post to Boulder City Council, but it doesn’t seem that a majority of its members are interested in doing anything for folks who own businesses and work or live in this north Boulder neighborhood. Truly, it’s become the city’s de facto Homeless Ghetto. I don’t consider this any surprise, because all BCC members are elected at-large and nobody holding elective office at present has any personal stake in this part of Boulder.

I enjoyed the thunderstorm which began at 12:40AM and lasted only 15 minutes, with some hail toward the end. When I got up and crawled out from my burrow before 5AM, there were still hailstones on top of my tarp, but they had melted away in the surrounding grassy areas; this indicates that my inexpensive Walmart tarp is doing an effective job at keeping heat inside for my comfort, and indeed I slept very well after the brief period of thunder and lightning.

There was another rain shower before 6AM, but as long as the sky doesn’t leak for hours all of my gear will stay dry.

I have a box of Cap’n Crunch to snack on tonight, and if your name is Jessica Alba you’re invited to share . . .


The original Cap’n, with sword


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