Homeless Philosopher’s Journal 4/25/2016


By Max R. Weller

Read The Final Postscript: The Boston Marathon 2016 . . . Congratulations to my friend, Terzah!

Sad news that one of the longtime panhandlers at N. Broadway & U.S. 36 has passed away, another casualty of years of abusing rotgut vodka: Shouting Joe from St. Louis had been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver since last summer, and when I last saw him a couple of weeks ago he looked as though he could die at any moment. Please, people, do NOT give cash to those homeless folks who are obviously under the influence while flying a sign, NOR for that matter lend your support to the 1175 Lee Hill [Death House], where at least six residents have died since this facility opened — a figure confirmed by two current residents there. Like me, Shouting Joe was a year-round camper but he would have met the same end in Housing First, a “program” which enables alcoholism by allowing clients to drink in their apartments.

I find it despicable that the do-gooders pretend to offer an option for sobriety, when the environment at 1175 Lee Hill makes that impossible to maintain:


I’d rather pass on outdoors, too, as Shouting Joe and many others here in Boulder, CO have done . . . Of course, I intend to be sober when I meet the Reaper, and sobriety disqualifies me from gaining an apartment at any Housing First facility.

When I arrived at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless before its 6AM opening on Saturday morning, I found that someone had smashed the glass out of the north door where we hardy outdoor-types enter. A temporary fix was already in place, consisting of particle board and screws, and with a sign stating that we should use the west door. In the past, troublemakers have thrown rocks through windows at BSH and I’ll guarantee you all of this vandalism has been committed by transients who have no ties to this city, and therefore lack any respect for others. You might think the do-gooders would learn a valuable lesson from these incidents, but they continue to embrace the creed of More Homeless People = More Money. Replacing broken windows and doors is small potatoes when there are so many darn fools who will donate Big $$$ to make themselves Feel Good:


  “I promise you, I won’t throw one more rock. 
  Didn’t say nothin’ ’bout no brick!” — Ernest T. Bass

A possibly wet forecast for the next few days in Boulder, but brief showers are never a problem for the Homeless Philosopher.

A wonderfully invigorating COLD shower this morning at BSH, as the high-tech enormously expensive hot water heater breaks down yet again, as it seems to do at least twice each year (although NEVER in the heat of summer). The typical World War II-vintage boilers I’ve known in older buildings are much more reliable, easily maintained, but certainly NOT hip and trendy enough to suit Boulderites.

Tonight at my campsite: Chef Boyardee pasta.


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