Stories I’ll be working on over the weekend:

1) Death toll at 1175 Lee Hill Housing First in Boulder, CO may have risen to six. I need to speak to another source to confirm what I heard this morning from a resident of the facility, but this would be right in line with what has gone on at Karluk Manor in Anchorage, AK (that city’s Housing First program for chronically homeless alcoholics / drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness; a more recent story indicates that there have now been eleven deaths there since it opened in December of 2011). That Boulder Housing Partners and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (which collaborated on this 31-unit project with an initial cost now estimated at $8M) would seek to cover up a shockingly poor track record is no surprise, either, but what in blazes is wrong with the local news media? Are Daily Camera “reporters” deaf, blind, and stupid?

2) Disturbance requiring intervention of Boulder PD this morning at the illegal RV and car camp located on Front Range Dr. just west of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Every spring or summer these folks are told to move along, when the volume of complaints to police from neighboring businesses and residents becomes too great to be ignored — but BSH itself apparently couldn’t care less about one more undesirable feature of the Homeless Ghetto they’ve created.



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