2016 Boston Marathon news


Terzah Becker of Longmont, CO on Facebook

I had a great day at my first Boston Marathon. My goal was 3:39:59 and I ran 3:40:40 — happy with that given a warm start and a windy second half. Here’s the jacket and medal photo! Humble thanks again to all who have supported me in this long journey!” Too modest; her time was another Personal Record (PR) in the marathon, and what better venue in which to do so?

For the Homeless Philosopher, this was an opportunity to support another worthy cause (albeit in a small way), Global First Responder, and Terzah made this comment from Facebook on Sunday: “Big thanks to all who donated to Global First Responder. Your names are on my bib and you are my inspiration tomorrow. We raised nearly $2400 to bring medical care to the world via the hard work of my cousin Adam Beckett. Cuz, you run the real race, and it doesn’t end.” 



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