Attention Homes pulls the old bait & switch


By Max R. Weller

Yesterday’s blog post was my April Fools’ Day prank. I wish I could say the same about Joy Eckstine Redstone’s column, which I read yesterday, but it’s apparently her real intent to guilt-trip Boulderites into another expansion of the local homeless shelter/services industry. Gee, that’s worked GREAT lately, hasn’t it? Stabbings, fatal shootings, rapes, and the entire range of less-serious offenses against public order committed by transients from Denver and elsewhere . . .

See Joy Redstone: Boulder’s case of Attention Deficit Disorder in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Attention Homes has been a provider of safety for transition-aged (homeless and runaway) youth for over 50 years. Now, as they attempt to offer a meaningful solution to homelessness by providing housing, they are facing an ugly case of NIMBYism. When emergency services are proposed for Boulder’s homeless residents, we hear repeatedly that they are “enabling” or a “band-aid.” Now that Attention Homes has proposed this data-driven solution, secret dialogues are happening among homeowners and developers in their neighborhood to fight their effort to provide housing.


Convicted rapist Jim Budd’s chief apologist and enabler wants you to think young adults ages 18-24 are kids . . . Attention Homes (to which I donated $100 in cash way back in 2010) used to focus on helping homeless boys and girls ages 12-17, but due to the huge cash cow which is nonprofit funding these days they’re pulling a Bait & Switch. They want you to focus on the minors who will NOT be a part of their proposed downtown Boulder housing project, so that you will blindly support their enabling of young adult men and women who are of legal age.

You’ll never convince me that projects like this aren’t going to serve the homeless who have no ties to Boulder, CO. The do-gooders can define Boulder County’s own homeless people any way they please: Those who have been here for a year, or a month, or only a week. Frankly, it’s a SCAM to rake in more millions of $$$ from both public and private sources.

There’s a certain desperation here on the part of Attention Homes, if they asked Ms. Redstone to go to bat for them. She is NOT well-regarded by the majority of folks who are paying attention to homelessness in our fair city:


Where will it end? Boulder is already overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of homeless men and women on the streets, and shifting focus away from kids ages 12-17 is just immoral; especially so in view of the FACT that young adults ages 18-24 are being served by Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow, Bridge House, and many others.

Bait & Switch — all for the sake of More Homeless People = More Money.


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