Yet another homeless-involved stabbing in Boulder, CO


By Max R. Weller

See the story (my headline above is more to the point) in the Daily Camera. Boulder police: One hospitalized, another at large after University Hill stabbing. Quoting from it below:

Boulder police responded Tuesday evening to a reported stabbing outside Bova’s Market and Grill on University Hill, and are currently searching for an involved party that fled the scene.

According to Sgt. Cooper Grimes, there was a “disturbance” shortly after 7 p.m. among three people, two men and one woman, all of whom police believe might be homeless.

“The disturbance escalated to a point to which the two male parties became engaged in some sort of physical altercation,” Grimes said, “during which a knife was produced, and it is believed that at least one of the males sustained injuries.”

That hasn’t been confirmed, however, because one of the two men allegedly involved fled the scene, and had not been located Tuesday night. The other man remained on scene and was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Boulder police officers investigate the scene of a reported stabbing outside Bova’s Market and Grill at 1325 Broadway.

Boulder police officers investigate the scene of a reported stabbing outside Bova’s Market and Grill at 1325 Broadway. (Alex Burness / Daily Camera)

This is right next to the SKIP bus stop on Broadway, where I get off to cross that street and walk to Norlin Library on the CU campus. Lots of bums hanging around, at all hours of the day and night, but I have to think it’s safer in the mornings when I’m passing through.

I’ve encountered aggressive dope dealers here in the past, who didn’t want to accept my “NO!” for an answer, and cursed at me when I went on my way. Presumably they were from Denver or elsewhere, because I didn’t recognize them, but I only visit Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for a shower in the morning (when I’m in the city) and never any of the multitude of other homeless hangouts. Filthy Phil, one of Boulder’s own who spent a year in Boulder County Jail on a charge of Indecent Exposure, used to sleep on the bench intended for use by SKIP bus riders; that idiot knows better than to even speak to me.

Boulder PD knows where to look for any homeless miscreant, “person of interest” or otherwise, so they’ll be visiting Bridge House Community Table and all of the other venues which cater to the worst-behaved minority of the homeless, FREE FROM ANY OVERSIGHT BY CITY COUNCIL, which is apparently more concerned about leading the world (so they think) in re pie-in-the-sky issues rather than the basics of maintaining a quality of life for all citizens.

Sort of reminds me of Roman Emperor Nero, reputed to have played an instrument and/or sung on while Rome burned in July of the year 64:


It’s true that many Boulderites complain endlessly about their city having become a  mecca for transients from all over the country wielding knives, dealing drugs, and raping women, yet they go on electing — with only very rare exceptions — the same leaders who act as if everything is just fine . . . And one of these Boulderites is highly critical of the Homeless Philosopher, seemingly believing that even a peace-loving and law-abiding longtime homeless resident of Boulder and its environs should be lumped together with the likes of Kerry Whitfield. She goes by the anonymous screen name “bleeth” on the Daily Camera website:


A Boulder Ph.D. she’s not.

This woman and others of her ilk are obviously too lacking in critical thinking skills to realize that their failure to distinguish mere homelessness from criminal activity simply plays into the hands of the self-styled homeless advocates, who want you to think that we’re all alike. And since there’s no legal basis for rousting out the majority of homeless folks who aren’t causing the problems, we wind up having to tolerate the 20% (my estimate) who are sociopathic bums. This also fits the shelter/services industry’s creed of More Homeless People = More Money.

I haven’t given in to despair yet, if only because at least one member of Boulder City Council is reading these blog posts that I e-mail to them as a body:


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